Thank You audio greeting cards l Recordable greeting card

Get Personal... With Your Customers, Clients, Employees, Family And Friend Or Neighbor...
Whoever It Might Be.... Using Your Own Voice Tell Them In Your Own Words!

Greeting Cards Are 5x7 And Push Button Record - 30 Seconds Record And Playback

With A 500 Card Purchase, I Can Produce Custom Thank You And Appreciation Greeting Cards For You!

Purchase A Blank Audio Greeting Card Below At $5.99

You Can Download The Images Below To Use For Your Blank Card Purchase, Free!

Please Note: Cards purchased on this page will be shipped as a "Blank" audio greeting card.
I no longer offer pre-designed audio greeting cards unless purchasing over
500 audio greeting cards. My audio greeting cards are easy to design yourself, watch videos on this site to see how!

You Can Design & Personalize A Custom Thank You Card Using Our Blank Cards... see how

Design #1

Audio greeting card - Hand Shake

Design #2

Audio greeting card - Thank You Greeting Card #2

Design #3

Audio greeting card - Thank You Card #3

Design #4

Audio greeting card - Thanks Card #4

All Audio Clips On Our Cards Can Be Re-Recorded.

Have A Heart Greetings Or You Can Record Any "Audio Clip" To Use For Your Card.
If Using Popular Copyright Music - Licensing Fee's May Apply.

Have A Special Greeting Card Request? - Please Give Us A Call - We'd Be Happy To Help You!

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