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Testimonials for Have-A-Heart Greetings

Below Are Actual Remarks By People Who Have Used
My Sevices & Purchased My Audio Cards!

Couldn't be more pleased with my audio card and the creative process.
Not only did you work with me on creating the perfect song and card, but made sure I received the finish product even after I provided an incorrect zip code.
Hard to find such good customer service these days.
Thanks again and I will buy more cards from you no doubt!

Cheryl Jordan

Hi Robert, just wanted to report that the Christmas cards you did for us were a big hit!
I'm sure we'll probably do something similar next year, but this one will be hard to top.
I just wanted to give you an update, I'm sure you were wondering.
Thanks for all your hard work and help with this!

Deb White Assistant to Kyle White
Re/Max Advantage Plus

I am so appreciate of the your business and the great cards you offer!
For what we needed and used them for they were the perfect card for us.
We used them as a Legacy card for our Mother in hospice and she recorded what possible could be her last words to her friends and family onto them. We decorated the card with a photo of her in her youth as well as a recent photo and designed the card of the things she loved in life! I'm certain all that received this beautiful card will hold onto it forever, it really is a special card, thank you so much Bobby!

Christine Axlerod | Music Therapist | Internship Director |

Bobby, I am totally blown away by the card and your service!! Thank you so much! It just arrived today and looks fantastic, I love it and I know my sister will be totally blown away. Thank you again,
will definitely spreading the great word about your company!

Regards, Hannah Milner

Re: The Strangers In The Night 45th anniversary card. My parents LOVE IT! They went on and on about it and kept playing it over and over again.
They said they are going to play it for everybody that comes over.
(It might even generate some more business from Texas for you!)Thank you so much!

Lisa Connolly
Lisa C - President
Homes for Pets/Schertz Humane Society

Hi Bobby! To get the first cry of our new born baby
captured on your recordable greeting cards
is great! We added a photo of him 2 minutes old to the card too... wow!
I look forward to the day when We can show him this card and see the look on his face...wonderful product Bobby!

Marie Lindon

Robert, You did an outstanding job with these vibrant, fun, and inviting cards. Our guests will be blown away when they receive this unique, one of a kind masterpiece of an invitation. No one will pass up on this eye catching invitation. It certainly is a winner!!! Thanks again for your remarkable service and dedication to this musical hawaiian themed 50th Birthday invitation card. It makes for a wonderful keepsake of this special occasion.

Bernadette Solis

I've been meaning to shoot ya an e-mail but I kept forgetting.
First, I have to say thank you very much for the cards!
I recorded a song in one of them and doing things to make it look "pretty", your product is wonderful!

Emily Wagner

Bobby, Thank you so much your kind words to me and my family.
My mom and dad loved the song and the cards.
It was a pleasure talking and doing business with you.
Hope to do it again sometime. Thanks again for your time and wonderful service!

Melany Mayo

Hi Bobby, Just wanted to thank you for providing these cards for me.
I captured my new born baby's first cry when she was first born!
I will keep and treasure this card forever...
Thank you for having a product that can that can really last!!
sincerely... Jane Borrows

Boy, these cards really came in handy!
My grandmother's voice was on our voice message machine and it was the only words
we had of her before she passed.
Now I have recorded it onto your recordable cards and sent it to all my family!
Thank you so much.. I will continue to purchase these great cards from you!

Kile Mitchell

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