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Audio Greeting Cards Are Unique And Very Cool To Receive! They Can Be Used To Reach Your Specific Audience! Design Promotional And Direct Marketing Audio Greeting Cards For Business Using My "Blank" Audio Greeting Cards. Reach The People You Want To In A Creative Way, Personalized Advertising Works! Let Me Help You Get Your Cards Designed To Your Specific Requirements, Or Purchase Them Blank To Design Yourself. Use Audio Greeting Cards As An "Out Of The Box" Unique Approach To Get New Customers And Keep The One's You Already Have! Audio Greeting Cards Work As A Very Effective Tool For Business And Corporate Marketing Campaigns! Use My Greeting Cards To Advertise Your Service, Product...You! Record A Message, Add Photo's, Images And Audio Content, Say It All On Your Audio Greeting Card!

Whether You Are Marketing, Promoting Or Just Want To Directly Communicate Something To A Large Audience... Audio Greeting Cards Will Really Deliver Your Message With A Personalized Touch! If You Are An Artist, Music, Poetry, Illustrator, Painter, Model, Voice-Over Personality, Or An Entertainment Manager, An Agent, Talent Booker Looking For A Unique Way To Promote.
Please watch This Video for idea's and my audio greeting card in real time demonstrated.

Record 30 Seconds Of "Real" Audio And Speak Directly To The People Receiving Your Greeting Card, Record Your Own Voice, Or Record A Clip Of Music, Record Anything At All That Suits Your Cards Concept And Objective! Better Than A Phone Call, Once The Call Is Over It's Usually Forgotten. Better Than An Email, It'll Be Deleted And Forgotten As Well! Paper Audio Greeting Cards Will Be Kept And Your Message Will Be Played Everytime The Card Is Opened, A Continued Reminder To Those Who Receive Them! Use Audio Greeting Cards For Corporate Sales And Communications...Thanking People - Congratulating Your Employees, Announcing To Share Holders, Sending Invitations, Adding To Gift Bags, Convention Meetings, Selling Real Estate, Running For Office, Pitching An Idea, Anything At All... You Can Personalize It. Be Creative And Unique With Paper Audio Greeting Cards!
If You Care To Add A Little Humor To Your Cards...
I Work With Celebrity Voice Impersonators Who Can Deliver Your Message,
Sample A Celebrity Voice Here

Check out This Page on Pinterest to get some more ideas!

Interested in purchasing over 2500 cards?
I have been selling audio greeting cards for over 10 years.
Using my good standing and personal business relationships with
established audio greeting card manufacturing resources,
I can get you quality audio greeting cards at my cost!
Purchase in bulk with or without printing and with
any length of recorded audio at a very affordable price!

Interested in Video Greeting Cards?
Take your promotional campaign or marketing idea...
to another level using greeting cards that play real-time video!
Please call me directly to discuss your audio or video greeting card needs.
My Blank Audio Greeting Cards can be purchased at $5.99 each on my
Blank Audio Greeting Card Page

Blank Audio Cards Can Be Designed To Promote & Market Yourself, A Service Or Product.

Design A Custom Card Using Our Blank Card Or I Can Help You Have It Designed!

Call Me Directly With Your Promotional/Marketing Greeting Card Request

Include A Photo And Record A Personalized Audio Greeting To Our Blank Cards.

Design & Personalize Your Own Promotional And Marketing Greeting Cards Using Blank Audio Greeing Cards. Call Me Directly... I'd Be Happy To Discuss Every Detail With You!

Using Audio Greeting Cards To...
Reach People In A Creative And Personalized Way!
Please View The Video Below.

Have A Heart Greetings Can Record Any Audio Clip To Use For Your Cards!
Have A Special Greeting Card Request? - Please Give Me A Call
I'd Be Happy To Help You!

Paying With Major Credit Cards - Please Call Me Directly!
Below Are Some Cards That Were Produced Using Audio Greeting Cards.

Audio greeting card - Thank You For Your Business Greeting Card Convention Announcement Date And Information
CEO Audio Announcement Greeting Card
Real Estate Business Greeting Card
University Alumni Reunion Greeting Card Announcement
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