Recordable Audio Greeting Cards For The Holidays Are Very Cool To Send Out And Receive In Your Real Mailbox! This Holiday Season Send Family And Friends Personalized Audio Greeting Cards. Design Them With Your Own Images, Record Holiday Music Or Your Own Voice, Add A Favorite Photo... They'll Love em'!

Start designing your personalized Holiday and Christmas cards now and have them ready for this special time of year! Having a party on this holiday? Check out This Link and send out audio greeting card invitations to your guest! Click on any of my pre-designed Holiday Greeting Cards or links below to sample them. Using my blank audio greeting card, design your own holiday greeting cards... it's fun and so easy to Santa video below. I would be happy to help design and produce the exact Holiday Greeting card you envision, Let me just say...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Please Call Me at 1-310-925-9986 and let's get exactly what you want!

Get your ideas by sampling my holiday greeting cards on this page, then purchase our blank audio cards and design your own! Here's an you have, or did you buy a holiday greeting card that you absolutely love? Do you want to "really" personalize it? Cut off it's 5x7 front image and apply (cut and paste) it to the front of my "blank" audio greeting card. Now you have the front image of the card you want and can record a personalized message to this card... cool! I'll apply the inside image I offer ( see samples below ) to the inside of your cards before sending them to you. It's easy to apply images to my cards, see video below. I have greeting card images for New Years audio greeting cards, Fourth Of July audio greeting card, Easter audio greeting cards and more! Use my Recordable Greeting Cards for all Holiday's, special occasions and events. To view more Christmas and Holiday cards, designs and decorative borders, please check out my face book page here.

Buy just Blank Audio Greeting Cards on this page at their regular price and get 1 free automatically when buying 5 audio greeting cards. If interested in 100 Blank Audio Greeting Cards or more at discounted pricing, or would like to purchase 100 holiday cards or more and have them designed and printed, please call me directly - 1-310-925-9986. You can re-record all my Greeting Cards but samples below include a pre-recorded message so... please turn your computer speakers on.

With your purchase of 100 cards or more, I will help you design A Custom Audio Holiday Greeting Card just as you envision it, either using my Holiday and Christmas card images below, or using your own images, fonts, photo's and your chosen Holiday music, sound clip or any sound you want added to your card! I will work with you from start to finish in creating a "One-Of A-Kind" Holiday Greeting Card, including adding the specific recording you want to playback on your Holiday Audio Greeting Card Every Time It Opens!

Design your own Holiday Greeting Card.

I give you the best canvas to truly create the perfect greeting card from you to your loved ones this holiday season. Include your images, text/fonts, favorite photo and record your own voice message or your favorite holiday song clip onto the card, cards record up to 30 seconds of real audio! I offer free Singing Holiday Audio Clips to make it even easier to create the holiday greeting card that expresses exactly what you want to all of your friends and family this coming holiday season! Design and Personalize a Recordable Greeting Card for the Holidays Using My Blank Cards... see how It's easy to design a "One-Of-A-Kind" Holiday Greeting Card yourself, just use your imagination! Watch Santa in the video below, he will explain everything on this page to you, and of course show you how you too can design a custom Holiday Audio Greeting Card... just as you envision it!

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A beautiful front Image Of  Joy, Love and Miracles

Design #1

This beautiful Easter Greeting Card displays an image of words for peace, joy and miracles. Simply "Happy Easter" front text. You can finish inside design as you desire and record 30 seconds of audio, plus handwrite message as well! All cards can be re-recorded. Check out another Easter Image available Here

Price: $6.99

Click link in discription to sample!

Fourth Of July in all it's glory!

Design #2 - Front Image Only

This Fourth Of July Greeting card displays Fireworks & American flag, as with all my cards its 5" X 7". Send this to your friends and family that celebrate 4Th Of July! The same as all of our audio greeting cards, this card can record and playback 30 seconds of audio! Allowing ample time for you to express your joy this special day to those near AND far! View 4Th Of July Greeting Card Here. Check out another sample 4th Of July card Here

Note: All cards can be re-recorded.

Price: $6.99

Click the image to sample!

A beautiful thanksgiving card of a cartoon family sitting down for thanksgiving dinner.

Design #3

This Holiday card is a Thanksgiving card that shows a happy family about to have a delicious turkey dinner and all the trimmings for Thanksgiving dinner on its 5" X 7" front cover. Nothing says how thankful you are for your loved ones better than you do! This audio greeting card gives you 30 seconds to record your own message, whether its an appropriate song clip, or just a few words to tell someone how important they are to you! If you cannot view Flash Files on your hand held device or computer, please view this video.

Note: All cards can be re-recorded.

Price: $6.99

Click link in description to sample!

Snowy Landscape card front without any text.

Design #4 - Attachments Sent Only

This audio holiday card is perfect if you want to use the front image and customize the text caption on the cover with your own fonts and words. You can customize the message recorded on to this audio greeting card with your own voice, a favorite holiday song clip or choose from my free holiday singing clips Holiday audio clips. With your purchase, I will send all card images as email attachment for you to print out and apply to blank cards! View this holiday card in real time here

Note: All cards can be re-recorded.

Price: $6.99

Click the image to sample!

Record a message to audio Christmas greeting card

Design #5 - Blank Card - Front Image Included As Attachment

Say Happy New Year! Use this traditional song clip, or get personal and record a personalized message to express your feelings for the New Year ahead!

Price: $6.99

Have A Heart Greetings can record any "audio clip" for your card!
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New Year greeting card

Featured Greeting Card - New Year!

Say Happy New Year! Use this traditional song clip, or get personal and record a personalized message to express you feelings!

  • 5" x 7" hand crafted greeting cards
  • Record up to 30 seconds of audio onto the card.
  • Beautifully illustrated card fronts
  • Fully customizable with our blank cards

Price: $6.99