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My Blank Audio Greeting Cards are very cool to design and personalize for any occasion or special event. Start designing and personalize a fantastic audio greeting card for Father's Day, give him the coolest greeting card imaginable! Graduation Day is approaching! Design a personalized Graduation Greeting Card or choose the recordable Graduation Day Card available on this website... hurry their Big day will be here soon! With my Recordable Blank Greeting Card you can design a blank greeting card exactly as you envision for any occasion or special event, really for any pupose you have in mind...just use you imagination, the sky is the limit! Add images, fonts, photo's and record any sound you desire, easily! My Greeting Cards are easy to design!My Greeting Cards with a photo window is where you can easily slip in a favorite photograph. Best of all you can record a 30 second personalized message onto your audio greeting card from any sound source! Record your own voice, music or any sound clip, or choose from our variety of
Free Singing Audio Clips that may perfectly suit your sentiments.

My Audio Greeting Cards are Push Button Record, it's very easy to record your own message! You can Re-record your personalized message until you are satisfied with your message, cards can record and playback up to 250 times.Your personalized voice message, song or sound clip plays every time the card is opened, the sound quality is excellent! Please be sure to watch the video at bottom of this page to see my audio greeting card in real time! You can turn any store bought greeting card into a Recordable Greeting Card! Use the front greeting card image you now have, cut it's front image off and easily apply it to the front of my Blank Audio Greeting Card, now you have the image you want to use for the front of your greeting card and you can record an audio message to it, plus slip in a photo if you like! Here's an idea...Take some recordable greeting cards on your next vacation and when you pick up a postcard at your vacation spot, apply it to the front of a blank audio greeting card and place a photo inside the card. Now you have a personalized talking postcard! Share your vacation experience in your own words with your friends and family...they'll love receiving it!!

Blank Audio Greeting cards are available to purchase just below on this page. Buy Audio Greeting Cards individually or buy as many cards as you desire! If "paper crafts" is something you Love doing, you can design blank greeting cards using these unique cards as your canvas. Design your own unique line of audio greeting cards and sell them yourself! If interested in buying these style of audio greeting cards in bulk, with my resources I can get them at my cost to you. Have them pre-designed with your images and ideas and the recordings you desire, As well as the length of recording and playback you choose! Call me directly to discuss this matter and ask any questions on your mind. I would enjoy helping with your creative idea and get you a great deal on your audio greeting cards too! Sound Modules and "Video" Greeting Cards are also available! Adding real sound to your greeting cards brings another dimension to them! Your designed greeting cards can interact with the person recieving it and real audio will compliment your greeting card creation!Buy 4 audio greeting cards and receive 1 free with your purchase, automatically!Buy my audio greeting cards at $3.00 each with a purchase of 100 blank audio greeting cards or more, excludes shipping cost and envelopes. I now have access to Video Greeting Cards if purchased in bulk. Have a video play when your greeting card opens! If you are interested in Video Greeting Cards, please contact me personally for more information. Interested in purchasing over 2500 Audio Greeting Cards? I have been selling audio greeting cards for over 10 years. Like anything else, You get what you pay for! My cards are of the highest quality, gauranteed! Using my established manufacturing resources, I can get you quality audio greeting cards at my cost! Purchase cards in bulk with or without printing and recorded audio at my cost!
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