The Beginnings -
Have-A-Heart Greeting Cards

About - Owner / Founder: An accomplished vocalist and songwriter - "I have been a musician since I was about 12 years old. I Play acoustic guitar, some bass and a little keyboard as well. Vocals?... Well, singing is my major passion! I do now and continue to Love singing something requested by a customer to record onto their greeting cards. Honestly, this is one of the main reason I started Have-A-Heart Greetings - Although music is and always will be a passion for me, and I continue to write and sing original material. My goal now is to build my company into a success, both monetarily and by contributing a product and service that brings joy and happiness to people. Although there are many uses for audio greeting cards, people I would especially like to reach and touch with these greeting cards are those less fortunate than myself. I am certain my audio greeting cards can be used for this purpose and I am always open to suggestions and idea's - illustrations, lyrics, choruses, poetry, photo's, meaningful phrases, any art or traditional format that can be applied to a blank 5x7 audio greeting card, cards that capture the imagination and touch those who receive them, or at least get their attention. Utilizing these cards for a beautiful reason and bringing a big smile to someone who could truly use it, well that's my hope! "

It was imagined & developed in 1994 by an artist who sings, plays guitar and writes songs. Originally this artist wanted to write "Personalized" Greeting Songs for special occasions - Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.etc. Although was moderately successful online, it never reached the broad and universal audience hoped for. Not to give up on his desire to produce and offer a unique and creative product, Bobby "Arias" Haverstick, owner and founder of Have-A-Heart Greetings, continued to pursue his goals.

"I remember the first time I saw and heard a greeting card I could record onto.. and that was it! I now had a new idea and something unique that I could offer to people, these cards would allow me to be creative and offer a product and service that was unique and cards that could be artisically designed as well....they were perfect!" Now working with talented Greeting Card illustrators, photoshop experts and incorporating professional singers, Bobby has put together a team of creative artist to produce Audio Greeting Cards like no other.

Have-A-Heart Greetings offers Pre-Designed Greeting Cards with or without Pre-Recorded Audio. Beautifully hand illustrated and crafted individually for the occasion, they can be seen on this website. These Pre-Designed Greeting Cards can be personalized because each card allows you to record your own voice and/or a selected sound clip of your choice for the card, as well you can include a personal photo in all these greeting cards! On this website, you can find Free Sound Clips for many occasions and you can use these audio clips for your greeting card should you choose to.
In this day and age of "social media" and instant gratification, I am so proud to offer something real and tangible, something you can actually hold in your hand. When receiving a greeting card that opens up and in your own words or a song clip expresses human emotion.. it's from the heart and.... that is "Truly Special"!

All Our Pre-Designed Cards Began As A Blank Card:

We also offer Recordable Greeting Cards "Blank" . A card that has no artwork or pre-recorded audio on it, so.... you can can completely personalize this card to perfectly suit what you have in mind! Our blank cards are the same cards we use to produce our pre-designed greeting cards. We can take your design and idea's and apply them to your card, as well as produce an audio clip just for you. Of course, you can do all the designing yourself and add your own audio, the choice is yours!

We are hoping to produce a full line of Spiritual Greeting" cards and are consistently creating new designs for all imaginable occasions and events to display on our website using our blank cards as a template. You, our customer sometimes help us with this! If we produce a card for you and we are really impressed with the outcome, there's a good chance, and with your permission, the card we created just for you will end up on our website!
"Think Spiritual", we'd Love to offer the best spiritual greeting cards available, the world could use them!

"I Love To Bring Joy, Hope & Happiness To Those Who Truly Need It!"

If you know someone who is suffering and/or terminally ill, please phone or email us with some details on the situation. Also, If you work with terminally ill patients, especially young children, let us know if we can be of assistance and contribute with a special card specifically made and personalized for the person in question. "I encourage you to contact me - there will be no charge for this service! Please view my website page where you can pick and choose from our "personalized" greeting cards and send them (at no cost to you!) to organizations including private families caring for those (both young and old) suffering from a life threatening desease", click Here

Got Clients? - Need To Promote?

Have-A-Heart Greeting Cards Personalized are a great promoting and marketing tool.. whether you're a large business, corporation, ad agency, PR firm, big university, real estate firm or agent, or the artsy type... a musician, band, singer, voice-over artist, painter, poet, model, music agent and managers. If you provide a service or product and wanting to reach your audience or business partners in a personalized way, these cards can do it for you. they can be individualized and customized to work perfectly for your needs!

I have established wonderful resources where I buy my audio geeting cards and I can get you the best deal on quality audio greeting cards as well. With your order of 2500 audio greeting cards to one million, I will take care of everything from start to finish, samples to delivery at your doorstep! Call me to discuss the any questions or concerns. "I believe we offer the most designable and versatile Greeting Card available anywhere". A wonderful card you can personalize to the max for any occasion, event, or to promote and market yourself, a service and/or product! Great for those who think "out-of-the-box" and enjoy being creative with audio greeting cards and all the unique ways they can be used!

Our Promise To You!

"I am not a corporation, not by a long shot! This is a very small company that provides a quality product and service. I will work with you personally and provide you with audio greeting cards that really are quite unique. When you contact Have-A-Heart Greetings there will always be somebody personally to answer your questions. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will replace your order until you are completely satisfied no matter what it takes!

Keep This In Mind
By using our services you are contributing to the "arts" and the artist who created,
or helped you create the most designable greeting card on earth.... Thank you!

Have- A-Heart Greetings recordable cards, both pre-designed and blank are available to buy in "Bulk".
Order of 100 cards or more at discounted rates. Call us directly to inquire about pricing.

Always A Real Person To Answer Your Call!

Have-A-Heart Greetings' workshop is currently located in Las Vegas Nevada.

Our Greeting Cards Are Available World Wide!